HTML bdo tag

The HTML <bdo> tag is used for creating a ‘Bi-Directional Override’ element. It allows authors to override the text direction.

The <bdo> tag can be useful when displaying right-to-left written text (such as Hebrew, Arabic, and other languages/scripts that are written from right to left) within left-to-right text (such as English) or vice versa. The author can explicitly specify text directionality so that any text inside the <bdo> element uses the direction as specified.

The basic tag is written like this <bdo dir=""></bdo>, with the intended direction specified between the double quotes of the dir attribute.

<p>Text that goes left to right... <bdo dir="rtl">Text that goes right to left!</bdo></p>

Eg. :

Text that goes left to right… Text that goes right to left!