HTML figure tag

The HTML <figure> tag represents self-contained content, which is typically referenced as a single unit. It can be used for annotating illustrations, diagrams, photos, code listings, etc.

You can use the <figure> element along with the <figcaption> element to associate a caption together with some embedded content, such as a graphic or video.

The basic tag is written like this <figure></figure> with the self-contained content (and optional <figcaption> element) nested inside the opening and closing tags.

<img src="" alt="The Create New Linked Server screen in SQL Server.">
<figcaption>Figure 1. The <cite>Create a New Image</cite> dialog box in GIMP.</figcaption>

Eg. :

The Create New Linked Server screen in SQL Server.
Figure 1. The Create a New Image dialog box in GIMP.